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Alanna Mulholland is a student in the Masters of Social Work Program at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. She is currently working on projects associated with restorative practices and land-based healing as Associate Member of the Vancouver Association for Restorative Justice. Alanna obtained a BA in Sociology and History from Simon Fraser University and worked as an Outreach Worker with folks experiencing homelessness.

Experiences working with a women’s rights organization in Nepal, attending a conference on anti-imperialism in Ecuador as well as interactions with anti-capitalist indigenous movements and resistance to exploitative mining projects Mexico and Guatemala have led Alanna to return to school to study in the School of Social Work’s community and international “development” stream.

Alanna is interested in the areas of: solidarity with indigenous land defenders in their fights for environmental justice and sovereignty; harm reduction and addictions; participatory action research and the power of decentralized knowledge production; and participation in collective action committed to building consensus and opposing capitalism, colonization, imperialism, racism and patriarchy. Alanna is looking forward to building connections amongst people and communities through her work with the Community Empowerment Collective.

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