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Business Concepts –the poetic way!!
by Vaidehi Krishnan
edited by Phil Bartle

................ "Operating Profits" is not just the same as inflow of cash

If you think so, I’m afraid your business might crash!

For, profits camouflage some moneys lost too,

Some payments to creditors, some dividends due

Increase operating profits you should, for managing cash flow

Managing and forecasting your cash flow you should know

Don’t treat your "stocks-in-hand" like trash

Reducing them sensibly could generate cash

Increase the sales of your sellable lots

Or maintain sales while cutting down your costs

Reap the benefits of "economies of scale"

Know your markets and competitors in thorough detail

Utilize to the fullest, your capacities 

Recap "Marketing & its 4 P’s"

Organize timely purchases of raw materials of good quality

And reduction of scrap and items of non-utility

Quality is the watchword at every stage

Which successful businessmen unfailingly leverage

Do rejoice the sales levels your strategies beget

But important too is the profit target!!

You can minimize your interest rates and avoid borrowing

By retaining your profits for self-financing

Reduce your dividends and taxes paid

By having your schedules and plans in advance laid

Monitor your actions that impact your cash flow 

Evaluate overall impact and you’ll come to know

That by managing your cash flow for your businesses prime

You will have handy cash at JUST THE RIGHT TIME!!

Reconciliation thus of PROFIT TO CASH is something

Linked by this relationship called TIMING!!

Vaidehi Krishnan
New Delhi, India