Community Empowerment
Deutsch English Italiano Polski
by Vaidehi Krishnan
edited by Phil Bartle

............ Be refreshingly busy like the honeybee
And do not shirk, whatever may be

Flexibility takes you rapidly ahead 
While lack of it could leave you half-dead

Watch the mighty soldier ant
Coordinating within armies rampant

They achieve through sensitivity and swarm intelligence
And reap whopping returns, so you should hence

Keep in touch with nature, oh! see the tailor-bird
The finish of its nest, have you seen or heard?

Watch the creatures of this universe 
Do they ever hesitate, pretend or rehearse?

So picking cues from nature’s model 
Organize yourselves if you want to excel

Don’t blame others for your lapses you will then be late
Remember you yourself are responsible for your fate.

Vaidehi Krishnan
New Delhi, India