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The following are some acronyms and abbreviations used in CMP Uganda.
CAO:  Chief Administrative Officer (formerly DES) of a District 
CMP:  Community Management Programme 
CTA:  Chief Technical Advisor (a UN officer) 
DCD:  Director for Community Development 
DCT:  District Coordinating Team (in each District) 
DES:  District Executive Secretary (now CAO) 
DPC:  District Programme Coordinator (reports to District) 
FAA:  Financial and Administrative Assistant (local UN staff) 
GOU:  Government of Uganda 
JET:  Joint Evaluation Team (1993/4) 
LCs:  Local Councils (formerly called RCs) 
MG&CD:  Ministry of Gender and Community Development 
MISR:  Makerere (University) Institute of Social Research 
MLG:  Ministry of Local Government 
NPC:  National Programme Coordinator (a MG&CD Officer) 
NPP:  National Project Professional (UN local staff) 
NSC:  National Steering Committee 
PS:  Permanent Secretary 
PMT:  Project Management Team (of CMP) 
RCs:  Resistance Councils (now LCs) 
RDC:  Resident District Commissioner (formerly Central Government Representative) 
UNCHS:  United Nations Centre for Human Settlement (Habitat) 
UNDP:  United Nations Development Programme 
Unicef:  United Nations Children Fund (executing agency for WES & CCA Programmes) 
WATSAN:  Water and Sanitation (now WES) 
WES:  Water and Environmental Sanitation (formerly WATSAN)
Legal Instruments:
Legal Instruments
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