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List of Related NGOs, Agencies and Projects
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We were in contact with the following NGOs, projects and agencies, some frequently, 
some rarely, some in loose acquaintance, some in close cooperation.
Action Aid: 
Mr Nicholas Ritchie. Box 676, Off Ggaba Road, Kampala. Tel: 267863; Fax: 268414; Tlx: 62169; 
Ms Elizabeth Ongom. Box 7868, Kampala. Tel: 230837 
Austrian Agricultural Project: 
Mr Manfred Pischinger. Box 76, Hoima. Tel: 0465-40117, 40239. 
Community Action Programme: 
c/o PAP; Box 341, Kampala; Tel: 531621, 531624, 531622. 
CARE International Uganda: 
The Country Director, Box 7289, Kampala. Tel: 258568, 235880; Tlx: 61128; Fax: 258969.
Community Based Rehabilitation: 
The Commissioner for Disabled and Elderly. Box 9863, Kampala. Tel: 242987; Fax: 235413; Tlx: 61522. 
Community Based Rehabilitation Alliance (COMBRA): 
Ms Maria Kangere. Box 708, Kampala. Tel: 254384, 270538. 
Ms Aine Fay, Director. Box 6599, Kampala. Tel: 268054 (Attn: Mr. David Humphrey, Kampala Operations). 
Mr David P. Kalete. Box 11224, Kampala. Tel/Fax: 531395. 
First Urban Project: 
Mr Sam Mukasa-Kintu. Box 7232, Kampala. Tel: 244535, 258505; Fax:+244537, 231916. 
Banda Community Development Programme: 
Dr Okech Ojony. Box 7853, Kampala. Tel: 268001; Fax: 232716. 
Irish Aid: 
Ms. Thereza Macdonnell. Box 7791, Kampala. Tel: 26748 (c/o Embassy of Eire). 
Joint Energy Environmental Project: 
Mr Richard Kimbowa, Box 4264, Kampala. Tel: 267150. 
Kamyokya Welfare Society: 
c/o Mr. Mugizi Rwandume. Box 46, Kampala. Tel: 241049 (c/o KCC). 
Katwe Urban Pilot Project: 
Mr Josy M Kiiza. Box 46, Kampala. Tel: 241049; Fax: 230092. 
Makerere Institute of Social Research : 
Dr Harriet Birungi. Box 7062, Kampala. Tel: 540628, 257642 (Makerere University). 
National Adult Education Association : 
Mr John Agaba. Box 8174, Kampala. Tel: 530127. 
Mr Anthony Burdon. Box 6228, Kampala. Tel: 267425; Tlx: 62150. 
Poverty Alleviation Programme (PAP): 
Mr David Mukama. Box 341, Kampala. Tel: 531621, 531624, 53162. 
PLAN International: 
Ms Sylvia Keera. Box 12075, Kampala. Tel: 221495, 220278; Fax: 221497. 
Red Barnet: 
Ms Birgit Lundbak. Box 11857, Kampala. Tel: 257901, 257906; Fax: 257906. 
Royal Danish Embassy: 
Mr Thomas Schjerbeck. Box 11243, Kampala. Tel: 256687; Fax: 254979; Tlx: 61560. 
Royal Netherlands Embassy: 
Mr Willem Melinh. Box 22728, Kampala. Tel: 231859; Fax: 231861. 
United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef): 
Mr Keith Wright. Box 7047, Kampala. Tel: 234591, 234492/3, 259913//4. 
Uganda Rural Development & Training Programme: 
Mr Mwalimu Musheshe. Box 16253, Kampala. Tel: 256704, 242276. 
World Vision: 
Mr Warren Nyamugasira. Box 5319, Kampala. Tel: 245758, 25142 (general line) Tel: 251641 (Director's line).
Visiting a Meeting:
Visiting a Meeting
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