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School for Maziba, Mpigi.
Construction of ten shallow wells in Wampewo, Mpigi.
Construction of school in Wampewo, Mpigi.
Namigavu St. Kizito Primary School, Mubende.
Mubende Light Secondary School Kisekende, Mubende.
Nanzirugade Health Care Centre, Mubende.
Namigavu Community Centre, Mubende.
Protection of Water Sources in Namigavu, Mubende.
Busweera, Rwabugabo and Namagogo Primary School, Kisekende, Mubende.
Provision of Piped Water in Kiwatule Parish, Kampala.
Construction of 26 km access road, Kisekende, Mubende.
Construction of 30 Km access road, Namigavu, Mubende.
Nakawa hand wash closet toilets, Kampala.
Digging a Trench:
Digging a Trench
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