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Use Them For Free But Do Not Misuse Them

by Phil Bartle, PhD

translated by (your name)

These are my documents


You may download these documents for free. We provide them as a public service. You may not copy them to call them your own, or sell them ─ or any parts of them. You may not plagiarize. However you do use them, please indicate the author.

You are invited to make training materials of your own out of them. You may translate them into a local language for your own use. If you do, please send copies to us of what you make. Please let us know how you use them. Your feedback is our only reward.

If you use any of these professionally, to make money, then pay a fair price for them. If you are a library or donor agency, then pay a fair price for them. Write and ask. See Power Point.

If you are able to translate them into another language, please let us know. We would like to put them on the internet here in that other language for other people to use. This is your opportunity to contribute.

Members of WikiEducator, please note: The CEC (Community Empowerment Collective, which produces these materials) has made an agreement with WikiEducator, for the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License. (CC by SA) this means you may modify, edit or add to any of this material, so long as you acknowledge the original authors.


If you copy text from this site, please acknowledge the author(s)
and link it back to

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