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Respect and Acknowledge Your Sources

by Phil Bartle, PhD

Conditions for using these documents (copied in part from “Using this material” on INTRODUCTION TO THE SITE)

This is not a commercial site.  While the material is provided here for free as a public service, the Copyright for most of it is held by the Founder, Dr. Phil Bartle who would appreciate a request for permission and an acknowledgement for the use of any portion of this site in another publication. If you are operating a web site and wish to copy some of this material, please ask first, explain the reason, identify the author, and ensure you include a link back to this CEC site:  http://cec.vcn.bc.ca  For student papers, it would be wise to acknowledge your sources and avoid the shame of plagiarizing (copying material and claiming it as your own).

Apart from those considerations, any of this material can be copied, re-assembled, re-formatted and customized to support specific local needs, or just to educate others in this approach to community development.  If you translate any of this material into local languages, please send us a copy so we can consider including it on the site.  

While it is understood that users of this material may receive money for their work as community development workers, trainers or teachers, no one should be charged for the material itself or access to it. 


If you copy text from this site, please acknowledge the author(s)
and link it back to www.scn.org/cmp/

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