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Link up to related web sites from this page.   For links to pages on this site, go to: Site Map. . If you know of other web sites related to empowering low income communities, or if you have a related web site and want it listed here, please send the URL to Phil Bartle (address below).
While this site is aimed at community fieldworkers, and so minimizes theory, academic argument, and bibliographic references, some readers, such as students and researchers, need to find those. An excellent site to start your search, is the NRM Changelinks Site:  See: . Many thanks to Ben Fleming, <[email protected]>, a community worker in Australia, for citing this site.
Internet Communications Technology:
World Bank Development Gateway:

Human Service Information Technology Applications:

UN Volunteer's Online Volunteering Service hosted by NetAid:

SHARING KNOWLEDGE HANDBOOK from Oxfam Canada, Kingo Mchombu:


IICD supported project: Gender Evaluation Methodology for ICT Initiatives:

Outline of Engendering ICT Study. World Bank:

ICT for Social Enterprise and Sustainable Development:

Helping Non-Profit Sector and Rural Communities Bridge the Digital Divide: 

The Association for Progressive Communications: 

The UNITeS Knowledge Base for ICT Volunteers in Development: 

Interview with Nancy Hafkin on ICT and Gender: 

World Bank's Indigenous Knowledge Database:

OneWorld, UK:

Kabissa (provides webspace for African NGOs):

Bridges, South Africa. Who is doing what for ICT and Development:

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Community Management Programmes:
While the assistance programmes that spawned and created the material on this web site are ended, the documents (reports, fact sheets, briefs, descriptions) necessary to plan and implement those programmes are left here as archival material
Country Programmes:

Our SCMP Programme in Ghana, is the SCMP, the Strengthening Community Management Programme.  

Our CMP Programme in Uganda is the CMP, the Community Management Programme. 

CDP/CMP Headquarters in Nairobi:  
The CDP Summary Profile describes Habitat's CDP/CMP activities world wide

. Regional Programmes:

See the East African Resource Facility (EARF) for community development: Introduction to EARF for an introductory description.  

If you speak Spanish, the CMP site in Central America is CERCA. It allows participating community organizations to enter data, and allows all users to manipulate the data (eg making graphs) about community based projects.

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United Nations:
UN in general:  United Nations;
UN Site Locator: UN System;
UN Development Prog: UNDP;
UNCHS (Habitat),  UNCHS;
UNCHS (Habitat), Habitat;
. Human Development Report (UNDP);
information habitat where information lives;
Informatics and Participation: Whole Earth;
Habitat Partners: Habitat Partners;
Youth for Habitat (Turkey): Youth for Habitat .
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Geographic Areas:
Africa in General: Africa Online; Africa Links
African Journals Online  (Oneworld);
. Africaucus, (Dakar, Senegal);
Women's Issues Africa On Line
CERCA, (Central America); . LIFE  (itC) Community Enterprise, (Brazil).
Human Settlements in Asia;
NIRD, (Nat Inst of Rural Dev) (India);
. Third World Network, (Penang, Malaysia).
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Community & Development Resources:
Caledonia Centre for Devel (UK);
CBIE, (Canad Bureau for Int'l Educ);
CCIC (Canad Counc for Int'l Cooperat);
CIDA (Canadian Internat Devt Agency);
CDS (Community Devt Society);
CDS Australia (Com Devt Soc);
CDS Bath (Centre for Devt Std) (UK);
CEDWorks (Cetnre for Com Entreprise)
Coady International Institute (Canada);
Community Resources;
Creating Learning Communities;
CSAA (Can. Soc Anth Ass);
DSA (Devt Studies Assoc, UK);
Development Information Update;
DEVLINE (Dev't Info Online, IDS, UK);
IDN (International Dev't Net);
IDS International Development 21;
. IIE (Inst of Int'l Educ);
Kellogg Rural C Dev Resources;
Monitoring & Evaluation (MandE);
Net Aid;
One World;
Participatory Action Res Net (Cornell, USA);
Peace Corps, (USA
REAP (Rural Environ Action Prog, UK);
Robert Chambers (PRA, IDS, Sussex, UK);
Rural Sociology ;
SAA (Soc Applied Anthropology);
SAIF (S. Afr Inst of Fundraising);
Seafield Research and Development;
SID (Society for Int'l Dev't);
Sites Related to Community Development.
Yellow Wood Associates
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AWD: Association for Women in Development
CIDA: Policy on Gender Equality
CIDA:Gender  in APEC developing countries
COL: Commonwealth of Learning on WID
Inst for I Dev: Beijing '95: Women, Power and Change
. JICA: Manual on Integrating WID in Dev Programs
JICA:  Efforts in WID Programmes
PROWID: Promoting Women in Development
UN ESCAP Women in Development Section
WB: World Bank; Gender
WINGS: Women's Int News Gathering Service
WWW: Women Working Worldwide
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Documents of Interest:
Consensus Decision Making,
Land & Community Work in Uganda,
. Principles of Democratic Structuring,
Revealing the Hidden Resources.
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Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs):
Africare (USA); 
CaFOD (Catholic Fund for Overseas Dev);
Catholic Relief Services (USA);
Charity Village (Canadian NGOs);
Cuso (Canadian Univ Services Overseas);
. Development Initiatives;
Finca (Micro Enterprise, USA);
International Service Agencies (USA);
One World Volunteers (Norway);
SCF (Save the Children Fund, UK);
Miscellaneaous Links
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Documents Included in this Section
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