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By Phil Bartle, PhD

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The Community Empowerment Collective (CEC) is now collaborating with WikiEducator. Members of CEC and users, are all encouraged to look at WikiEd and see where they might also join in.

Yahoo Groups:

We have several discussion groups for this site

Community workers, students, academics and friends of the site are encouraged to sign up for the Community Strengthening forum. This is a good place to debate issues and to meet like minded people

Contributors are encouraged to sign up for the Mobilizers group. Use it for asking and answering questions, and for sharing observations. This discussion is mainly technical and for members only.

Subscribe to Community_Strengthening:

Subscribe to Mobilizers Discusssion Group:
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There are a few other related specialty groups on the site,  eg for Bahasa and Hindi translators.

On all these groups are also files related to various guidelines for contributing (mainly translations) to our site.


CatsCradle is a software programme that helps you to translate from web page to web page. It is not a mechanical translator. It puts the text of a web page into a box, and you type its translation into another box.

It then looks after all the tags with controls and commands so the result is the same web page but in your language of choice. CC 3.5 allows you to translate into languages with non Latin characters, and those that write from right to left.

Download CatsCradle in http://www.tucows.com/preview/306058

If you are translating to a language with a South Asian or right to left script, you will avoid the glitch of your work being erased by getting versions 3.4. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mobilizers/. Sign in with your Yahoo login and password, click on Files, and it's the second file called 'catscradle.exe.' A link to the mobilizers Yahoo site (to set up your account) is also above.

Mac users try the following:
CatsCradle 0.32 from softpedia.com
CatsCradle 1.0b1 from Cnet.com
CatsCradle 0.2beta from MacUpdate.com
CatsCradle from Softonic.com.


OmegaT is another program similar to CatsCradle, but in this case Mac users can enjoy its glossary and translation memory (CC's version for Mac OS doesn't have these features). There is also a version for Linux.

OmegaT is an open source software. It has very interesting features, so if you are considering to become a professional translator, this might be the best CAT tool for you.

You can download OmegaT from its website: http://www.omegat.org/.

RTL (Right To Left) Languages:

Arabic, Urdu, Pashto, Sindhi use different characters, not found on a standard keyboard. To modify your keyboard, click on the link below and download the file to your computer:

Urdu Language Phonetic Keyboard Layout

Face Book:

Network and stay in touch with other members of the Community Empowerment Collective, using Face Book. Link also to family and friends.

After you sign up (click on the box below) you can sign up for the Community Empowerment group, and put other members of the group on your own facebook

Google Analytics:

Look at this page to see who reads this web site:


The Victoria International Development Education Society (VIDEA), is locally affiliated with our Community Empowerment Collective.

It is a good source of information and material about international development, and it does not soft sell any hard issues.

Aid Workers Network:

Many of the questions you may be tempted to send to us would best be posted in a forum on the AWN site. You can post your questions or look at the many FAQ files of most commonly asked questions.

United Nations Volunteers' Online Volunteers:

United Nations Volunteers (UNV) online volunteer (OV) web site. It is run by UN, and recruits unpaid volunteers to help with NGOs' web sites. It does not recruit United Nations staff (UNV paid staff).

We recruit most of our translators and other contributors for our site there. It is necessary to be a registered organization in order to sign up for their help. Individuals wishing to contribute on line are encouraged to look at some of the interesting assignments.

Charity Village:

Charity Village is a valuable web site in Canada. We often post advertisements for the volunteers we need on our site. It is also a useful resource for you to browse, especially if you are building an NGO or an NGO web site.


Idealist.org is a similar web site located in the UK. We post some advertisements for the volunteers we need on our site. It is also a useful site to browse to find resources for your NGO and web site.


Community Empowerment Collective Newsletter

Community Development Society:

Community Development Society (CDS). This is an international organization of community development workers.

Seattle Community Network:

Seattle Community Network (SCN). This is a not for profit organization which has a computer hosted in the basement of the Seattle library.

You will see "SCN" on our URL because we have no domain name of our own, and SCN hosts our web site at no cost to us. (Good thing because our budget is 0).

Akan Studies:

The Akan studies site provides material, with lots of illustrations, about the Akan people of West Africa, especially the Kwawu.

The material was collected while I (Phil) was working on my PhD at the University of Ghana, and while I was also involved in local community development activities.

Ghana Page:

The Ghana Page is a valuable site for up to date information on Ghana. It complements the material on our Akan Studies site.

Utility Documents:

Utility documents on this site are those which complement and supplement the training material.

Look here for all the web pages related to the site, but which are not specifically training material

Phil Bartle and Family:

Learn more about Phil and his family, including photos, favourite poems, and genealogy pages.


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