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Director of the Community Empowerment Collective; One of the founding board members


Born in Cranbrook BC, Jonny worked as an Au Pair (Manny) in Holland at age 18, then moved to Vancouver. Jonny learned about co-operation and community organizing as a LaQuena Collective member in the 1990's. While music was his first passion, circus arts and performing as well as politics and community empowerment eventually became priorities.

No not a mug shot. In fact, not only does
he have no criminal record, he is security
cleared to work in security (as as a
bouncer) during the winter season

"I believe in humanity's ability to positively transform ourselves and the ways we live and interact. Such transformations benefit the individuals as much as the whole community."

As an entertainer, Jonny works in many
international venues, one of the most interesting
being as a busker in Victoria's inner harbour
during the summer tourist season

Jonny is on the road to becoming a sociology professor, and looks forward to raising spirits and awareness around collective empowerment and advancement.

"A bad barrel makes bad apples; a good barrel makes good apples."

With other founding directors at the
inaugeration meeting of the Community
Empowerment Collective. Tim Hortons on
Douglas Street. Victoria. 2004 May.

"The last shall be first and the first shall be last."

See: Jonny Flash

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