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These are a few suggested forms that may assist in monitoring. Do not merely copy them, but redesign them for your own purposes.

What is it you are monitoring? The process of strengthening of the community as a whole? The community based project? Do you need a form for yourself as mobilizer to use, or a form for several different stake holders to use at different times?

Do not be led into rigid thinking by using forms, be as creative and flexible as you can, and let your development of the monitoring process be changeable and adaptive to varying conditions and needs.

Work Plan Task List:

(In order of Implementation)
By Whom When (Timing) Inputs Source
Implementors Responsibility
to monitor
Start End

Community Routine Monitoring:

Community: Project:
Activity in the Work Plan; (Who should do the work?) Objective of the Activity Monitoring

Monitoring the Activity:

Date Measurement of the Indicator Today
(How much?)
Day the Activity Should
Be Finished
Comments and Concerns
(How far are we now?) (Is the quality of
the work okay?) (What are the problems?)

Names of Those Doing the Monitoring:


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