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How and How Well Objectives are Being Reached

by Phil Bartle, PhD

Introduction to the Module (Hub)

Documents Included in this Monitoring Module

The processes of observing results and evaluating progress towards achieving objectives

This module looks at and describes the process of monitoring and its sister process, evaluation; what is to be done andhow to do it. As well as showing the skills needed by mobilizers, it looks at monitoring from a wider perspective, including but not limited to the roles of mobilizers.

The first document, Definitions and Purpose, looks at what monitoring is, and introduces the topic.

The next document, Planning and Implementation, points out the necessity of monitoring being integrated at all stages, from planning through implementation.

Evaluation goes on to explain that if we evaluate or judge the information obtained through monitoring, we may question even the choice of objectives and/or our strategy in attempting to reach them.

Management Information shows that of all the information needed by management to implement a project or programme, that produced by monitoring and evaluation is most crucial.

Participation in Monitoring looks at the necessity of participation by all stake holders is needed.

Levels of Monitoring points out that monitoring is important for recipients at the community level, actors at the district level, as well as at national and donor levels.

As with community participation and participatory management, participation in monitoring is not automatic, but requires that participants need to have at least a minimum of stimulation and training in order to participate effectively.

The document Monitoring and Reporting links to the module on Report Writing, with an emphasis on the reporting of information obtained through monitoring, so leads to the next module, "Reporting."

Mobilizers are encouraged to learn about monitoring, and the necessity of doing it at every stage (see Annual Review), and of stimulating and providing training for the participation of all stake holders, including staff and beneficiaries in the community, in both monitoring and evaluation.

This module is composed of handouts derived from the Mobiliser Handbook on Monitoring.

Complementary Modules: Handbook on Monitoring, Report Writing
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