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This is the home page for training material on how to strengthen communities.
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«Go to the People»
Poem by Lao Tsu
This poem reflects our vision, and so far has been translated into 72 languages in this web site.

Some Translations:
Afrikaans     Akan     አማርኛ / ämarəña     Հայերեն / Hayeren     Basa Jawa     Bamanankan      Bicolano     Босански     Chewe     Dansk     Gĩkũyũ     Guan     Gwich'in     עִבְרִית     Hrvatski     Igbo     Íslenska     Kinyarwanda     Kirundi      lea faka-Tonga     Lingala     Luganda     Luhya     Māori     Maya     Nederlands     नेपाली / Nepālī     Norsk     Qhichwa Simi     ساهو‎ / Saho     Српски     Shona     Slovenščina     Suomi     Svenska     தமிழ் / tamiḻ     ትግርኛ / Tigriññā     Tshiluba     Türkçe     isiXhosa     ייִדיש / Yidish     èdèe Yorùbá  

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 Slogans and Proverbs: Following the path of least resistance
makes all rivers and some men crooked


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