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A method of learning to read

by Jacques Slik

Training Handout

Listen to the teacher read a selection, read the selection with the teacher and then read that selection on your own


Repeated reading is a method that requires a student to listen to a teacher read a selection, read the selection with the teacher and then read that selection on his own.

Individuals and small groups of students can benefit from Repeated Reading.

Fluent oral reading is the goal.

This approach can be used as part of the Whole Language reading method (see the section of Whole Language Method to Reading).


An example lesson in repeated reading (reading one sentence)

  • Use material that the student requests.
  • Choose a sentence from the chosen reading material.
  • The teacher reads the sentence out loud, pointing to words as she reads.
  • Pointing to the words, while reading, demonstrates the relationship between speech and print.
  • The teacher reads the sentence again, while the student points to the words (with teacher assistance if needed and/or wanted).
  • The student and teacher read the sentence together, with the teacher pointing to the words.
  • Teacher and student read sentence again, with the student pointing to the words this time.
  • If the student feels comfortable, he is asked to read and point to the sentence on his own.
  • If he stumbles, the teacher supplies the difficult word(s) and assists with the remainder of the sentence (if needed).
  • Continue to read together and alone until the teacher and the student are satisfied that the student can read the sentence perfectly.
  • Ask the student to practice the sentence on his own until he feels that he is ready to read to the teacher or another student. He wants to read the sentence smoothly, quickly and accurately.
  • The student reads the sentence fluently to the teacher while pointing to words.
  • When the student feels satisfied with his reading performance, go on to the next sentence in the paragraph, using the technique outlined above.

While learning new sentences, always remember to review the sentences already learned.

Remember that the goal of Repeated Reading is for the student to read the sentence, paragraph or story smoothly, quickly and fluently.


A Reading Class

A Reading Class

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