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Modules, Urdu
by Phil Bartle
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Introductory Modules (short handouts)
  • Getting Prepared 
  • Getting Started
  • Organising the Community
  • Into Action
  • Sustaining the Intervention
Intermediate Modules

Participatory Appraisal   stimulating the community to assess itself
Management Training   training as a method of (re)organizing for effectiveness
The Brainstorm   a training process for obtaining group decisions
Participatory Management   running an NGO, a project, or a firm
Community Project Design  participatory methods to design a community project
Community Resources  identify and release sometimes hidden resources
Building a Credit Organization  a community organization for channelling credit
Measuring the Strengthening of Communities how to monitor capacity development
Training Methods  using the material

Further Modules
  • HIV AIDS module 

Managing a Mobilization Programme issues related to the characterisitcs of the process
Community Research  obtaining valuable information to empower a community
Water and the Mobilizer when the community chooses clean drinking water
Functional Literacy learning how to write and read through unorthodox methods  design a functional practical useful and relevant programme
Capacity Development   how to strengthen an organization; using the empowerment approach on an NGO company or agency
Enabling Environment encouraging communities to be more self reliant the political and administrative situation affects their empowerment
From Disaster to Development   transforming charity to empowerment how to convert your programme from relief when the disaster ends and
Beginners' Sociology  some of the science that spawned the empowerment methodology
Illustration 8: Community Contribution; Bringing Material
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Mobilisation Cycle, Urdu
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