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by Jacques Slik

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An Example Lesson

The reading method, "Language Experience," is an excellent way to introduce a non-literate person to reading.

It could be used in a small group or a one student to one teacher situation.

An Example lesson
in using Language Experience (with one person)

The student dictates a story to the teacher. The teacher writes down the story on a piece of paper or a chalkboard (the chalkboard would be better for a small group). The story may be one sentence or a number of sentences.

The teacher can use the Repeated Reading method to practice reading the story. Please go to the Repeated Reading section for an example of teaching reading using the Repeated Reading method.

The student copies the story from the teacher’s paper or the chalkboard into his notebook. The teacher and student review the copied version for errors and the student corrects his mistakes. The student writes out a good copy for presentations.

Please Note
The student must trust you so that he will want to talk about himself and what is important to him. Field trips and personal experiences can be used as possible stories/reading material.

Traditional reading methods use books and other reading material that have little or no meaning to a non-literate person who is just learning to read.

These stories (plots and venues) usually have no relationship to the beginning reader because they are usually not part of his culture and experience.

However, using the reader’s own language, interests and cultural values has been found to be a tremendous motivator in learning how to read.


Reading Class

Reading Class
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